This hang tag is the symbol of Reflectil – a small sized, international company that manufactures high visibility products. We do it with passion. With our own design team and in our own factory, we can quickly turn around to meet your demands and changing needs. We move fast.

Tag along and see what Reflectil is all about.

We Provide The Expertise

Present us with a challenge and you will see for yourself! Designing and developing compliant, lightweight and high visibility garments, reflective materials and reflective accessories is in our genes. To get the message across all the way to the end users, we are happy to provide our distributors with the necessary sales support, training and sales tools needed.

We certify every single product in our own name!

We like control. Especially when we see what is out there in the market. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see if a vest fulfils the necessary requirements with your bare eyes. One might believe that because a vest bears the CE mark, you can trust that it fulfils the CE mark requirements. This is not always the case!

When the product is from Reflectil, you can! We take quality and safety into account throughout the whole process, from the design stage, until the product is ready for use. From the start, we take into account all of the requirements necessary to fulfil the certification requirements. We then develop, source and certify our raw materials. Finally, we certify all our products ourselves, using independent well-known accredited test-institutes. We can present you with the correct documentation for a product upon request. It does not take 4 weeks, you can have it the same day!

We always keep a wide range in stock. That means fast deliveries!

Our claim is that no other supplier can offer the same product range and level of service as Reflectil. We stock hundreds of vests, reflective accessories and reflective materials locally on the shelves ready for shipment.

In addition, at our own factory in Portugal, we have our vast European stock to serve customers all over Europe and to secure a continuous flow of goods into the service stocks.

We specialize in specials

We like it when things are not standard. We enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction involved when turning your initial ideas into a fully developed, cost efficient and certified garment which fulfils its purpose during practical use.

We enjoy being a part of our customers product development process from the beginning. You can use us as external expertise because we know everything there is to know about how to develop and certify a lightweight high visibility garment from scratch!

You would not be the first to do so! Some of the most demanding customers have turned to Reflectil for assistance. We have developed products together with the Police and Army in Norway and Sweden, The Norwegian Red Cross, The Swedish and Norwegian ambulance services and fire brigades to just mention a few. In addition, a high-end German motorcycle company, a Norwegian motorcycle association, a Swedish car manufacturer, and several major Nordic work wear retail chains have been working with Reflectil to develop the product that best fits their needs.

So, what can we do for you?