Customized Vests

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(UN OHCHR in the photos) This vest is developed specifically for the needs of field workers in Non Governmental Organizations (NGO). Many organizations have the need for a High Visibility vest with a tight fit that can carry all the items necessary for field work and is also comfortable to wear in warm climates. A good example of a vest designed by Reflectil to fit many specific demands, at the same time as being a high visibility garment complying with the requirements of EN ISO 20471.

This vest was developed to meet the unique specifications of our distributors. The vest needed to be different from everything else found on the market. The vest is mostly used for indoor sports events. For this vest, Reflectil was in close contact with the customer, discussing what basic design ideas to follow, and then presented different proposals and solutions to find the perfect vest.

This vest is an example of a customer specific vest developed to fit a number of specific demands. It is certified EN ISO 20471 Class 2. It may inspire other professional organizations when developing products that fit their exact needs.

For many years, Reflectil has been the chosen supplier to the Swedish Police. We know the needs in the tough environment where these vests are being used. We know the highest of demands from the Police and have been developing new models and accessories together with the Police for many years.