Product Development & QC

Reflectil is selling safety. Our distributors are selling safety. The user and the customer are buying safety. Reflectil is taking responsibility and is doing what is needed for everyone to feel safe with products from Reflectil.

Reflectil is dedicated to establishing high industry standards for quality, value, service and technology. This is achieved through a strategy of continuous improvement work, teamwork and customer need focus.

All our main raw materials, including the ready made garments, are quality controlled in a continuous way by Reflectil. As example, we internally control the
reflectivity and colors to the EN ISO 20471 and EN 17353 requirements, using a Reflectometer and a Spectrophotometer, testing the materials as new and after several washing cycles. We also use other internal equipments to test strenght, resistance, abrasion, etc. and QC other type properties on the raw materials we use in our products.

We also conduct several specialized external tests, in credited test institutes, to confirm special properties of our products, like for example burning
behavior tests ISO 15025, colour fastness ISO 105, etc.

Our products are devoloped and designed internally, using IT tools to ensure that the norms requirments are acheived (areas, design, etc.).