Properties & Sizes

Symbols & Properties

Below and to the right are product descriptions and symbols used to describe product properties.

Velcro Closure

The vest has velcro (hook and loop) closure.

Large Velcro Pockets

Excellent for storing notebooks, cell phones or pens.

Pockets With Zipper

Available in different varieties and sizes.

Radio Support/Holders

Available in a single or double version. Can also be used as a holder for radios, pens or for other purposes.


To choose the correct garment size, we provide a measurement chart with A (Length) and B (Width) measures for all garments. These tables are product specific and available on the web page. Please consult this guide for the garment you have in mind. The chart makes it easier to find the correct size if you change from one model to another. All products can be custom made to the correct size.

Size A (cm) B (cm)
S 68 59
M 71 63
L 74 67
XL 77 71
XXL 80 75
3XL 83 79
4XL 86 83

CE marking and relevant norm
Relevant norm is described.

Resistance to heat and flame
Certified and approved garments that protect the user when exposed to heat and flames.
There are two different standards for protection against heat and flame:

  • Standard EN ISO 14116 Index 1 (formerly EN 533): The garment provides protection against accidental and short contact with open flames.
    The standard specifies the performance requirements in order to reduce the possibility of the clothing burning and thereby constituting a hazard in itself.
  • Standard EN ISO 11612: A1,B1,C1 (formerly EN 531): Garment resistant to fire and flame spread, protection against convective heat and radiant heat has been tested and approved.

Antistatic properties
Antistatic properties EN 1149-5.
Certified and approved garment that protects against electrostatic discharge.

Cleaning instructions
Recommended number of washing cycles the garment has been tested and approved for.
These instructions partially indicate the garment quality/durability.
Recommended washing temperature: Follow this carefully or garment visibility may suffer.
Tumble drying: A few of the vests can be tumble dried, most of them cannot.

Zipper closure
Some vests are equipped with heavy duty zippers (you will find this information in the product description text).

Stretchable and breathable material
The material absorbs and carries moisture away from the skin. The fabric also has elastic tensile properties. This contributes to an increased level of comfort for the user of the garment.

Reflective material applied with heat transfer
On some vests the reflective material used is heat transfer material instead of sew-on material. The reflective heat transfer material is integrated into the fabric and provides a more flexible garment with an increased level of comfort.

Star indication
Indicates the cumulative properties of the product, beyond that of visibility (controlled by standards and class, see page 43). A vest with one star is a simple and affordable option, while vests with five stars have many additional features and benefits.