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The jacket is made in high quality durable material. Logos and other markings should be limited to an area on the left sleeve to max 3 x 9 cm or 4 x 6 cm.
Specified by The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen- Trafikkdirigering: Håndbok N301 Arbeid på og ved veg/R 310 Trafikksikkerhetsutstyr, tekniske krav/NA-Rundskriv 2015/12).

These reflective short-sleeved vests are for the Emergency Services as described by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security. The vests are worn to protect users at accident scenes and more importantly, to provide the necessary identification of service and functions. Specifications system of defined models, printed reflective materials and defined texts by Justis og beredskapsdespartementet Rundskriv G-09/2005. Made in high quality materials.

These Vests are worn by an enterprise’s own First-Response Teams. By following an Industrial Safety System (Industrivernet) an enterprise can respond to emergencies quickly such as personal injury, fire, the escape of gas or hazardous chemicals before the emergency services arrive on the scene. The vest design is made to comply with the demands and regulations relating to industrial safety and emergency preparedness as defined by the Norwegian Industrial Safety Organisation (NSO).

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