Professional Vests & Garments

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Holders on shoulders and loop for hanging.

Holders on shoulder front, two velcro pockets and loop for hanging.

Three pockets (3D with velcro closing), size adjustable, loops for belt, loop for hanging, mesh on upper part of the back for increased comfort, elastics on the sides for that extra size adjustment. Extra durable dirt and oil repellent fabric.

Holders on shoulder front, extra strong zipper, strong elastic bands on the side for perfect fit and loop for hanging.

Made of extra heavy fabric, suitable for carrying heavy stuff in the pockets (keep shape). Transparent-pocket for ID cards, pen pocket, holders on shoulder front, shoulder insignia flaps and simple hanger. Fabric is teflon treated to be oil and dirt repellent.

Basic garment in printable and compact fabric bag. Velcro closure. The fabric bag can be bought individually.

Velcro closure.

Provides great flexibility and possibilities for corporate identity purposes. Choose from three different fluorescent colours and 18 different fabric colours for shoulder section. Loop for hanging.

Loop for hanging.

Available in all sizes. Holders on shoulder front and Loop for hanging.

This T-shirt comes with a “square pattern” heat transfer reflective material for even more comfort. The fabric is breathable and stretchable. Available in several different sizes.

Limited flame spread and protection against convective and radiant heat.

Our model 218 FR+AS is made with inherently self extinguishing Protex modacrylic fibres. There is no deterioration in flame retardancy after either repeated washing or normal use over time. Reflective material in heat transfer makes the T-shirt very comfortable.