Reflective Materials

Reflectil has a long time experience using reflective materials in their products and factory, therefore it’s the right partner to supply them as raw materials.
Reflectil offers European safety garment manufacturers and garment decorators, reflective materials with a high level of service and specialized product solutions tailored to local market needs. Our reflective materials setup is based on Porto – Portugal, where we also have the garments and converting European factory, and where we control and test that our products are according to the defined product specifications using both our internal in-house laboratories and production machinery, and third party test institutes, to ensure a good stock quality control and continuous product development.
The market for professional clothing is in continuous development with new demands emerging from changing customer needs and preferences. Choosing the correct reflective material for a particular application is not always an easy task for the garment maker. Examples of supports are finding optimal application methods for transfer materials and supplying samples for customer specific garments and prototypes for tenders.

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Chess pattern reflective materials are available in standard patterns and both for sew-on and heat transfer materials.
Depending on needs and usage areas, the reflective material can be EN ISO 20471 certified (fx. green chess pattern) or EN 469 and/or EN ISO 11612 certified (fx. red chess pattern). There are two standard patterns for 50 mm wide reflective bands (either two squares high or four squares high). Get in contact to find the best solution for your needs.

We make our converting products and logos in our factory located in Portugal. Please visit here our Reflectil website for detailed information’s about our products.

Reflective material can be cut into different patterns, to give nice visual effects and/or improved functionality (fx. better stretch abilities). Reflectil has developed a set of standard patterns, but it is also possible to design your own pattern. Let us know what you would like!

Using laser technique, patterns can be engraved with an extreme level of detail – still keeping to the specifications of the EN ISO 20471 certificate. The only thing needed is a vectorized file (EPS or PDF) with the logo, pattern or text that you have in mind. Very nice effects can be created through laser engraving the reflective materials!

We print logos and patterns onto reflective materials. Up to two colours can be used at the same time. Reflective bands with print are possible to certify EN ISO 20471. The only thing we need is a vectorized file (EPS or PDF) with the logo, pattern or text you have in mind. Get in contact and share your ideas!

Reflectil supplies reflective logos in different types of materials with exciting effects to suit most needs. The logos can be made using different techniques and raw materials. Contact us for more information’s or a price quote!