Declaration of Conformity


Reflectil Sverige AB – Reflectil Norge AS – Reflectil II Portugal

Declares that all product references listed below* are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.

  • High Visibility clothing
  • Visibility Accessories

and are in conformity with the provisions of PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and where such is the case, with the The Products are classified as: harmonized standards:

  • EN 1150 Visibility Clothing for non-professional use
  • EN ISO 20471:2013 High Visibility Clothing
  • EN 13356 Visibility Accessories for non-professional use
  • EN ISO 14116:2008 Protection agains limited flame spread
  • EN ISO 11612:2008 Protection against heat and flame, A1+A2 B1 C1

Is identical to the PPE which is subject of EC certificates of conformity issued by chosen respective notified bodies FIOH* (0403) and SGS* (0598), and is subject to the procedure set out in PPE regulation 2016/424 under the supervision of the same notified bodies.

*Product References with associated type approvals covered by this Declaration of Conformity:

High Visibility Garments:
102 (0598_PPE_200020_I1), 113 (180186HGS01), 123 (15470FTS01), 131 (15478LGS01), 134 (180343GPS01), 202 (0598_PPE_200022_I1), 203 (0598_PPE_200023_I1), 206 (0598_PPE_200057_I1), 213 (0598_PPE_200024_I1), 218FRAS (15177GMS01), 218 (14404CTS01rev1), 223FRAS (0598_PPE_200025_I1), 223 (0598_PPE_200058_I1), 227 (0598_PPE_200026_I1), 228 (15341PJS01), 230 (14405MGS01rev1), 231 (0598_PPE_200059_I1), 233 (0598_PPE_200060_I1), 243 (0598_PPE_200027_I1), 302 (0598_PPE_200028_I1), 303 (0598_PPE_200061_I1), 306FRAS (0598_PPE_200029_I1), 306 (0598_PPE_200062_I1), 307 (16335MJS01), 313 (0598_PPE_200063_I1), 316 (14411NRS01), 318 (15178DLS01), 318 (14409LDS01rev1), 320 (16431GHS01), 327 (15393MDS01), 101-201-301 (19A0742TDR01), 404 (0598_PPE_200064_I1), 405 (0598_PPE_200101_I1), 407 (14425MVS01rev1), 409 (0598_PPE_200030_I1), 411 (0598_PPE_200066_I1), 412 (0598_PPE_200176_I1), 413 (17118HYS01), 415 (16271NKS01), 507 (11303YNS01rev2), 510 (14414GRS01rev1), 515 (16272BHS01).

Reflective Accessories:
801:Slap Wraps, 802:Velcro Armbands, 803 Reflective Sticker, 804: Hanging Reflector,805: Reflective Mag Tags: 806: Reflective (3D objects) (CT260356A01/16148KDS01/28102PMS01)

*Address FIOH – Notified Body 0403: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Topeliuksenkatu 41b, F-00290 Helsinki, Finland
*Address SGS – Notified Body 0598: SGS Fimko Ltd, Takomotie 8, F-00380 Helsinki, Finland



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