EN ISO 20471 Class 1

Provides the lowest level of visibility. May provide sufficient protection where the risk level is low. Since the background colour requirement in this class allows for the use of many alternative colours in addition to the fluorescent colours, these garments are also used for other purposes than visibility. e.g. to distinguish between different functions or roles.

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Holders on shoulders and loop for hanging.

Holders on shoulder front, two velcro pockets and loop for hanging.

Three pockets (3D with velcro closing), size adjustable, loops for belt, loop for hanging, mesh on upper part of the back for increased comfort, elastics on the sides for that extra size adjustment. Extra durable dirt and oil repellent fabric.

Holders on shoulder front, extra strong zipper, strong elastic bands on the side for perfect fit and loop for hanging.

Made of extra heavy fabric, suitable for carrying heavy stuff in the pockets (keep shape). Transparent-pocket for ID cards, pen pocket, holders on shoulder front, shoulder insignia flaps and simple hanger. Fabric is teflon treated to be oil and dirt repellent.