Professional Vests & Garments

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Limited flame spread and protection against convective and radiant heat.

Our model 318 FR+AS is made with inherently self extinguishing Protex modacrylic fibres. There is no deterioration in flame retardancy after either repeated washing or normal use over time. Reflective material in heat transfer makes the T-shirt very comfortable.

Zipper and loop for hanging.

Zipper closure. Loop for hanging.

High quality materials including extra strong zipper closure. Two pockets with velcro closure. Holders on shoulder front and loop for hanging. Wide range of usage situations.

Suitable for shorter usage periods such as commercial events or similar situations. Several printing options available, including multi color runs. The vest is open at the sides with elastic and velcro closure. Available in six different colours, all NON-fluorescent.

Please note! These vests are NOT CE-marked.

Made of high quality material. Strong buckle and elastic bands provides a good fit. Wide range of uses. Can be made with prints and ID-pockets. Measure: 15 x 28 cm.

Closes with velcro.

Closes with three adjustable velcros.

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